Thursday, 26 August 2010

Of Editing and Second Drafts


I'm trying to remember if I felt this unsure about the last one.

A muchos geet wise person did recently point out to me that the second one is the harder one and I'm thinking that, yeah, yeah it really is. Second album syndrome innit?

Do I stick with more of the same or do I try something new? Do I go for something more mainstream or do I keep being a bit weird?

Problems problems.

I mean it's done. That's obviously a good thing. A very good thing. But... I just... Dunno... Still. Nevermind. It would be nice to full of confidence about it but then again... If I am and the rejection letters start rolling in or the reviews are less than nice then it would be harder to take.

Maybe being unsure about the whole thing is better. Might make it easier to cope with any bad news. Might.

On the upside I have decided what to write next though. I was gonna do a 'sort of follow on' to this one but... well... this one is a bit grim and I don't fancy going through that again. The last hundred pages had me all pacy and nervous and not sleeping right and heavy behind the eyes. I don't fancy that again, not yet anyway.

So - once the editing is done (yes Stu, nearly nearly done... well over half way now...) I'm gonna embark on something a bit more fun. A bit more 9987 mebbies... Only with different sorts of crazys and... maybe... an invisible man. Maybe.

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