Friday, 17 September 2010

EMTSS?...Ernest & Maud's Tantric Sex Sessions? No. Probably not... Even Monkeys Tango Some Sundays?

... No... Wait:
Even More Tonto Short Stories, that's what I meant.
And it's here.
Or it was.
I'd had it two minutes when my mam came round for tea and now she's gone and nicked it.
On the upside though I did manage to read the first couple of stories and they really were rather good, how.
A Shrinking, a Holding Back by Fiona Robyn is awesomely awkward and painful and just... so well ended it made jealously glands swell up something nasty.

Appendage by Peter Parrish is just craziness and comedy and based on such a good character that I read it then reread it and then copied down some of my favourite lines. Which was also bad for the glands.
But, my seething jealously aside, this is looking like being a pretty impressive anthology. It does have some big names in and Amazon seems to think that Matt Hilton has written the entire thing but it's also got some really exciting less knowns and unknowns. Like me.
I'm in it.
You didn't really think I'd be nice about stuff if I wasn't did you?
Anyways - I have to go and order a new copy. My mother is a thief.


Megan said...

Congratulations Mr Jones!

B said...

i want to say congrats too!