Monday, 11 July 2011

Returning, Being Kindled Up Right Nice and on Stuff That I'm Still Busy Doing (And On Really, Really Long Titles)

Well, actually, having looked at the title of that there post it doesn't really seem necessary saying anything else does it? Maybe I should just go...

But, if I did that then I'd nothing to do whilst my dinner cooked. Ah decisions decisions...

Fairynuff, it has been a while. I suppose I could waffle for a bit.

Plus, for the first time in ages I actually have some writery things to write about. Makes a nice change. I was sort of not really enjoying writing stuff about... Well... the sort-of-real world. It's just not how I roll. I'm all for the sidewaysalmostuseful me. Never the actualuseful you understand. That would give the wrong impression. People would start asking me questions, wanting me to do stuff.



That's no good at all.

Anyway - the writery news!

Writery News # 1

Nik gets all Kindled up just in time for summer.

Yup. Imagine it. You're on the beach, the sun is beating down. You have a cocktail or a nice cool beer. Small children are being herded off the beach, bronzed peoples are milling by looking all glistening and with curvy bits just where you like them.

But something is missing.

Something isn't quite right.

And I know what it is.

You've got your shiny new Kindle but there's nowt good on it. Nothing. Bit of Grisham, bit of Austin a smidgen of Dan Brown perhaps. But you're bored. Of course you are. So, why not try:


That's right.

Kindled up right nice, that's me!


Thought so.

And that sort of leads me too this:

Writery News # 2

Novel Number Two - Still Twiddling Thumbs.

It's all finished and that. In fact I've done three drafts. I've even sent it places. Some places are a bit interested, some places aren't. Some places remain a mystery to me.


That's what we do innit? We write, we edit, we wait.

So I'm waiting.

But, I'm not whinging. Not a lot anyway. And I'm not moping about. Not a lot anyway. Instead I'm starting Novel Number Three.


You know...

Watch this space.

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