Sunday, 23 November 2008

Actual News About Actual Stuff Which Is Actually Interesting Rather Than The Stuff I Usually Post Which Is Actually A Bit Crap. Actually.


It's been a while I know. But hey, things happen, things distract me and, to be honest, I've had other, more important things on my mind. Count the commas kids - an English teacher you say? Ha! No wonder the kids are all stupid and spraying walls with misspellings and poor punctuation. That's all me that is. 



Actual News About Actual Stuff.

Firstly the book launch is all sorted and stuff. Oh yes. And it's not just in a mate of mines garage. No, it's in a real life place. The Opera Piano Bar. Yes. Fancy no? It's got a bar and music and seats and tables and a bar and me and t-shirts and books and me and a bar. 

So you are all invited.  It'll be proper mint, how.

Plus, (and strangley far more exciting) the T SHIRTS are ready!

Oh yes, step right up folks and own your very own "I *heart* Lesbian Nurses" T Shirt. It's even tinkerable. And, you know, Christmas is just round the corner, it'll make a great gift for just about anyone*. C'mon, all the cool kids are wearing them...

Anyway, when I get a bit more info about the launch I'll let you know. 

But I'm muchos excited

Things are going well. Book launch, t-shirts, a string of grin tastic weekends, Disco Kettle almost in new kitchen. Things are going well. And it scares me...

(*children, parents, grandparents, prudish aunts and disapproving neighbours not included)


B said...

I am muchos excited. Don't have a diary for next year yet, but if I did it would be in fo sho.

(You do realise you didn't mention the date, though, right??)

watching9987 said...

Ah yes, twas a deliberate decision. Just waiting for absolute confirmation see, but it should be towards the end of January.

And I too am muchos exicted :)

Vix said...

I GOT MY TSHIIIIRRRRTTTT. and b... fo sho? you mo fo! *giggles*

B said...

are you proud? i bet you are, really ;)

Megan said...

Don't be even a lttle bit scared - revel in it all!

Caz said...

Hah! You now have an internet stalker from the audience of that lecture you gave at BSU. Alas, I am a particularly lazy stalker, so that'll probably just be limited to reading your blog and getting your book. The way you described it sounds utterly fantastic, by the way. I hope it sells well.

watching9987 said...

Vix - Woohoo! nice one, can't wait to see it in action... if you catch my ever so subtle drift.

B - My pride knows no bounds. None. I am. Quite simply. Grinning geet loads.

Megan - I'm always scared. Always. Even of fluffy things sometimes. But... It is becoming more real, and that is a VERY exciting thing.

Caz - Hello, you were quick finding me, most impressive. Am i right in thinking i did some sort of hula dance day? I'm pretty sure i did... not sure why though...

KatW said...

This is Actually very fab news, actually!!! How exciting. Well done you! I hope you will still converse with us actually not famous writers after your actual launch.

I worry for DK though. All these life changes can actually be hard on electrical buddies. He may need you to show him some extra attention, actually.

Kat :-)