Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I *heart* Lesbian Nurses - The Kick Ass Cool Competition Edition, Plus: Even More Books To Give Away

Ok Kids,

Christmas is over and, like me, you'll be all skint and stuff. So I have a treat for you. Those lovely chaps at Tonto have donated three copies of 9987 to ease your January woes. And, cos I'm dead nice and things I'm going to sign them, and give them away.

For nowt.


See, you'll all have stuffed yourselves full of turkey and stuffing and brandy and wine and rum and beer and pudding and cheese and chocolates and anchovies and syrup and milk and biscuits and small, round, vegetables.

So you'll have to do a bit of work for it...

Here's the deal:

In order to win your very own, signed copy, of 9987 (and, if you like, you can have it presented to you at the launch on the 29th Jan - assuming you're coming...) you need to get your typing fingers all stretched out and nimble.

9987 takes place, primarily, in a DVD rental store with the narrator watching people milling about the store, speculating on their lives and judging their movie tastes. The customers play a very important role in the narrators life, and so I think a few more customers might do him some good.

To that end I want you to create a customer. I want you to bring them to life. I want to be sat behind a desk in a DVD rental shop and to watch them wandering the shop. And I want you to do all this in no more than 25 words.

Quite the challenge I know...

But hey, what good will 2009 be without pushing yourself a bit?

Please email your entry to with your name and address before the closing date of January 17th. 

To keep up to date with 9987 news and events join the facebook group I *heart* Lesbian Nurses.

And remember, 9987 is available here and here and other places too...

Good Luck, and Best Wishes for 2009.


Fiona Robyn is also giving her book away here. It's one I've already added to my wish list and I've heard some really really good things about it. It's not out until March but you can be the envy of your friends by nabbing one of the free advance copies she's giving away. 

Go have a look, you won't regret it. Honest.


Fiona Robyn said...

Here you go!

Megan said...

I so much want to read your book. And I have no money (I am the perfect candidate!)
I shall be haunting your inbox soon . . .

watching9987 said...

Cheers Fiona, I'll repay the favour I promise.

Megan - Haunt away, I look forward to hearing from you :)

KatW said...

Oh panic - 17th January and I've only just seen this challenge (after being yet again missing in action from Blogland - see post for exp.)

I hope my Quality Street overdosed brain can cope. Oh well if it can't I can at least give you a laugh at my bad attempts. And...although I'm meant to be resting - 25 words is surely a restful amount! Except for a someone like me who uses words where there is no need for words....

I'm very excited about your book launch - wish I could be there on 29th.

I shall look up your friend Fiona.

Love to DK.

Kat :-)