Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Competition's Over Folks


We got quite a few entries, inlcuding some international ones, we've covered 4 - count'em 4! - Continents. Impressive no?

Anyway, the entries went off to Sue this morning so keep them fingers crossed and lets see what excerpt is made available.

(apologies for my delay. My laptop died. Yes. Twas muchos upsetting. But hey - life goes on. And if I will spill beer over it... well... I blame Damien Duff. Bastard.)

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Jamieson Wolf said...

Hey Nik!

Too bad about your laptop. But at least you can go out and buy a new one! I always like to name my laptops. For instance, my current laptop is named Llama. Because, well, you know...well, I can't think of a good reason, but it seemed like a cool name at the time. :)