Monday, 1 June 2009

Sue Guiney Competition. Finally I Announce The Results

Morning kids,

Apologies for my general crapness of post over the last week or so. Damien Duff broke my laptop.

Luckily (?), now that I’m back at work, I can make good use of school resources and post from here instead.


The Sue Guiney Competition results.

It was a really close run thing, we had some excellent entries and I’m impressed that so many of you had weather rubbish enough to warrant sitting in front of a computer screen trying to edit your way down to 50 words.

Well done all you pastey pastey people.

In the end it came down to two which Sue and I debated for a while.

“Lauri’s is “right scary,” and Jamieson’s is heartbreaking. How to choose? Do we have to?” Was Sue’s thoughts.

But she’s nicer than me.

Two winners?

I think not.

There can be only one.

And so, like I said, it came down to “right scary” or “heartbreaking”.

And, well, you know me.

There are two routes to my heart.

Lesbian Nurses.

And “Right Scary”

So, without further ado, the winning entry:

Lauri Kubuitsile

“An arm in the corner, a leg in the truck bed, the headless torso folded in the pink blanket- like a human slaughterhouse or a fun fair for serial killers, she smiles thinking unsuitable mother thoughts. The baby screams and she dreams about the silent deception of her first doll.”

A worthy winner so congratulations Lauri.

Lauri chose pages 155-160 as she chosen excerpt and so anyone interested in a pdf copy email me at

Grace remembers a special birthday dinner she had alone with her husband in London. Years later she can still recall each dish, each taste, and the important role that meal had in the realization of the shift in her relationship with her husband.

As I said, it was really close, so close in fact that, even thought there can be only one excerpt choice Jamieson’s entry was indeed so heartbreaking that I think it deserves to be seen by all too.

Jamieson Wolf

“I was twelve when my grandfather died. My grandmother jokingly said to him: Lets play 52 Pick Up! When he went to pick up the cards, my grandfather fell and an ulcer burst. He died instantly. I haven’t played any card games since that day. They remind me of death.”

Congrats to Lauri and to Jamieson and thank you to all those who entered, don’t worry if you didn’t quite manage it this time, tomorrow I’ll be started a new competition you can have a play with.


Tune in next time for another exciting Blog Tour:

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SueG said...

Thanks again for hosting this. And congrats to both scary Lauri and heartbreaking Jamieson :-) What fun it has been!

DJ Kirkby said...

Ooh wow, good stories, both of them!

Jamieson Wolf said...

Yayeee! I won, sort of. LOL I'm just glad that you both enjoyed it. It really did happen and I don't even like playing go fish. I tend to avoid playing cards at all costs, really.

I know, irrational but true. :) Thanks Sue and Nik! You both rock!

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

Wow- Thanks guys!
Let's see....two babies within 19 months-did I ever have thoughts like these?? I will remain silent on that one and let's cross fingers the giant teenagers don't read Nik's blog.
Thanks again- you've made my day!!:)

watching9987 said...

It was really tightly contested so well to you both and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuje geet big thanks for Sue for playing with me.

Much love yo!

Vix said...

2 routes to yer heart? *ponders*