Monday, 22 June 2009

Some People Are Better Staying Lost

Morning Kids. Good weekend?

Mine was... Well. It was. And I think that past tense is the best thing for it. But anyway, enough of that.

My new look blog... It's got nothing to do with anything that happened over my weekend. Nor anything that happens to me daily. This is not a substantial change in my mood nor even a new beginning.

Quite simply it is this:

Watching 9987 was set up for me (and you. Not you, no, nor you - you were here for the Lesbian Nurses) to follow 9987 from happy birth to learning to walk and, more recently, to branching out on it's own. I think that now though I'm spending too much time simply Watching. And this is no good.

9987 is doing quite well. It's part of the Read Regional Campaign and it'll kicking about some festivals this year I hope. Plus, it's even getting some new clothes soon as it heads for a second date with the printers.

But I'm a bit too smug.

And a bit too lazy.

And I need a kick.

So here it is.

I will continue to watch 9987, of course I will, but - and I'm actually quite excited by this - it's time to get back to work.

Second novels will not write themselves.

Two hundred words a day from now until my summer holiday. That's a month away. That's (counts on fingers... starts again...) 6,000 words.

Then a thousand there after over the summer.

And DK will not stop fzzt-ing. DK will stand by me and support. DK will, undoubtedly be flirting with the microwave...

And this time you can watch.
And this time the conception will be recorded.
And this time I will welcome all you voyeurs (no... no, once again, not you, you're on the wrong site. Again.)

And there is Someone Who Really Should Stay Lost...


Stephen said...

Hi Nik,
Loving the new title and look of the blog.
Fancy a blog interview over the summer, when I finally finished reading 9987?


Jamieson Wolf said...

Hey Nik!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog. I've been looking to revamp mine but haven't found anything I like yet. SIGH. Soon, soon!

I'm about to start reading 9987 for the 2nd time and can't wait. I have a trashy romance novel to finish first though; Oh, the summer reads...


B said...

like the new look!
you could pop over to one hundred words a day? we'll keep you honest....

DJ Kirkby said...

I hope you mean you will be writing a 1000 words PER DAY over the summer hols! Hmmmmmmmmm?

watching9987 said...

Stephen - GLad you like the new look and, yes, of course I'll stop by for a blog interview. I'm quite the publicity whore these days you know...

Jamieson - Again, really pleased everyone is liking the new look. I think it's something to do with the summer, loads of people are revamping - Caroline's ( looks great

B - Actually, that sounds like a great idea... I might do that today. Cheers dude (and lovely seeing you yesterday too by the way.)

DJ - hehe, yes, don't worry. 1000 words a day is the plan. I might have a finsihed book by the end of the summer if I'm really lucky :)