Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fancy Getting Published?

Alreet kids?

Got another, yes, another, Kick Ass Cool Competition.

This really is cool, and actually, if I'm honest, in no way is it my Kick Ass Cool Competiton. It's Tonto's.

Oh yes.

Big Daddy Tonto is spreading the lurve boys and girls so make sure your toast isn't burnt. (I may have had too much coffee. And too many biscuits. And, apparently, have a craving for toast...)

"Here’s the cover for ‘Even More Tonto Short Stories’ - hot off the press!

Even More Tonto Short Stories

And even better news to announce … author Caroline Smailes will be judging the competition and helping to put the collection together.
The competition is open to new writers as well as experienced writers, as long as the work has not been published.
Please click here for full details of how to enter.
Entry fee is £6.99. Everyone who enters will receive a FREE COPY of the book."
You see?
How Mint is that?
I've got my entry almost finished.
Well, one of my entries.
I've got another one planned.
Maybe two...
Oh it's exciting.. I do wonder if Caroline is open to bribes...


Jamieson Wolf said...

That is soooo totally cool! I've already got one story almost finished and am pondering another one. Woohoo!

I wonder though: if you enter two stories and pay the entry fee for each story, does that mean you get two copies of the book?

That would be most awesome if that was the case. :)

DJ Kirkby said...

I have one but...if I am up against very talented authors like yourself and Jamieson I am not sure there is any point entering :( Go away both of you...no I don't mean that...honest.

Jamieson Wolf said...

Oh, DJ Honey, you HAVE to enter, you just HAVE to! If you don't, I will have to dance naked in the streets in protest and no one (aside from my very handsome husband) would want to see that.

Don't underestimate yourself. Your writing is absolutely beautiful and it evokes emotions tenfold, something even the most talented writers cannot do.


watching9987 said...

Well, see I'm torn. A part of me wants to encourage everyone, but then again... the less of you who enter then the more chance I have of getting in... Hmmmm... It's really comes down to whether or not I'm nice I suppose.


Don't enter.

:D I'm lovely me.

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol...Jamieson thank you sweetie. Nik, pffffflllpppp! xo