Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Slowly Returning (To Form)

Morning all,

S'been a while yes?


But I've been busy not marking. Something far more exciting has been happening instead. It appears that I am writing things again.

I've not wanted to jinx it by announcing it. In fact I still don't want to jinx by announcing it but, ya knaa, I've missed you and my blog was going a bit stale.

Besides - I wasn't entirely sure how to follow up on chapter one.

Chapter two I suppose but that really isn't a habit I want to get into. As much as I'm obviously in this writing game for the women and the glory the money is also quite good so chucking a novel on my blog for free isn't a great plan.

I'm hoping my royalty cheque covers a service on for the car. Novel two might get me some new brake pads or repair the front grill maybe. Or, oh, and this would be a luxury, a valet for it. There is a chip stuck down the side of the driver's seat which I really need to shift.

Anyway - what was I doing?

Writing, yeah, that's it.

I've (almost) got a short story ready for Tonto and Caroline and it's not bad. I'm not a natural short story writer I think, they tend to be scenes rather than 'proper' stories. I know scenes can work really well as short stories and they always sound geet literary like but mine are... well... a bit crap usually.

This one I'm more confident about. (I hope)

Currently I'm hiding, again. Closed me door, stuck a poster over the window, typing really quietly. I've got no more lessons today so I'll be writing then too. Just waiting for Art Kettle to boil (DK had a bad time at school, he's a bit pot bellied see, suffered a bit as you can imagine. Particularly in ball sports. No hands see, although not bad at lassoing. Not that there was a lot of that at school mind.)

Ahha, I hears a clunking whine which can only and inexplicably be the Art Kettle. Time to dash commando style down the corridor...

Wish me luck...


Megan said...

Good Luck Sir!

DJ Kirkby said...

Wishing you luck!

B said...

I was wondering where you were!
Glad to hear you're writing.