Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Of Finding Spaces In Which To Write

Finally, finally. After months of trying I have managed to find myself a comfortable spot from which to write.
I don't know about anyone else, in general really, but specifically about how they like to write but I'm assuming this 'space' is something everyone needs. I can't write just anywhere. I know some can - and I'm geet jealous. And I know of a least one person who is brave enough to go and sit in a coffee shop, with a laptop ad write in public. Again, I am geet jealous of that talent. I have tried it, but it was here - not in town - and here is... Not great... For that sort of thing. Firstly because there is only one coffee shop here. Secondly because the customers were eying up my laptop quite greedily.

Besides. DK would not be impressed.

Anyway. The point is is that I can't write, not really, unless I'm properly spaced. If you see what I mean. And now I'm sorted. Look:

Now, I know it's small. But I live in a small place. I've had to abandon my flat to the credit crunch, this is what I've got.

And it's great.

I have geet loads of books from which I can soak up tastes and textures. I like being surrounded by better writers, it gives me something to aim for - and, yes, I admit that somewhere on those shelves is my heavily crossed out 'Family Edition' 9987 but generally it's full of proper geet mint writers.

And I have a window from which I can see both the bypass (lucky me), the footbridge which spans it, and rows of terraces on the otherside. And I know it sounds a bit crap, but, actually, I do like a bit of urban miserableness. Oh, and it's raining so the writing is really coming on well.

DK is there on my right, Plantface (as yet unnamed or identified plant which lives on my window sill) and heavily coffee stained mug are all present. And I have a chair, of sorts, made from my late bill reminder packed blue file box. Which is, if I'm honest, not comfy. But it is solid.

The only really prob is that I have no music playing stuff except the laptop.. Which is fine, but I really need music coming from behind me to really go clattering across my keyboard properly... Anyway...

I sent my brother out for coffee three days ago and haven't seen him since. So it looks like I'm going to the shop myself...

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SueG said...

I'm with you - I need my own space, too. And this looks perfect...