Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Examples Of My Genius # 4 - Forgetting About The Plot Of My Novel...

Altogether now: Whoops.

Yeah, I know, I know, plot is everything etc etc. I know. You don't need to remind me. And, since I'm having a go at the crime genre then, really, I should be making sure that the investigation element of the story is pretty much top notch.

I know.

Really I do.

But... you know what? I'm not that bothered. I mean, when I was told that writing a book about Lesbian Nurses (hello again, back are ya? Disappointed again are ya? Good. N0w put it away...) was a bad idea. Was a stupid idea. I ignored that advice. And look at me know, a geet respected author who's parents still (sometimes) talk to him and whose Aunty did not recently say "I read your book..." and then walk away blushing unable to stomach any more conversation.

And I was once told that drinking too much coffee would be bad for my health. And I've n had swine flu or the plague or lost a leg or anything.

So two nil to me.

And I know that people will be thinking - if you're writing to a genre then you right to the genre. That's what you have to do. Crime stories have a very straight forward plot structure (this is true, I even teach this sometimes. Get to sound dead fancy and literary by talking about the different ages of the genre from murder mystery to procedural and beyond. Course, it bores the average 12 year old a bit but I don't care.)

But I'm stubborn.

My story is a crime story. It involves murders and an investigation. But that is not what the story is about. The story is about searching, and finding, something that should have stayed hidden. And no, it's not about ghosts. Or zombies. Or lesbians. Well... it's early days, I might still chuck in a lesbian... I mean... You know...

It's me.


Stephen Shieber said...

Go on. Give us a lesbian or two...

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh you tease...get on with writing so I can get on with the reading.