Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Reading Comprehension

Me: That's... interesting. Explain it to me.

Student: Well, the question said to draw the monster.

Me: Uhuh...

Student: ... So I am.

Me: Yeah, true but what are you basing the picture on?

Student: ... The description of it in the story.

Me: Great. So what're these?

Student: Well the story said it was a bit Octopussy so I've done eight of them.

Me: ... Yeeeeeesssss...

Student: And it said that it had evil eyes so I've done them all red.

Me: I like the eyes, they're good. But why are these hairy?

Student: Oh, I know, I wondered about that cos it's says they're like leather doesn't it?

Me: It does yeah, so why do them hairy?

Student: ... Well... Because they are hairy aren't they?

Me: ... Um... Are you sure?

Student: Yeah.

Me: ... Could you, um, could read that word out for me please?

Student: That one?

Me: Yes, yes please.

Student: Testicles.

Me: (Trying not to giggle) ... Um... No. No it says tentacles.

Student: (After a long pause) ........................................ Oh.

Me: Yes.

Student: Ah.

Me: Yes.

Student: Can I start again please, sir?

Me: Yes. Yes that might be a good idea.


SueG said...

Terrific! I had 1 of these when I was teaching The Odyssey. The students were asked to write an essay about Odysseus at the banquet and he wrote: "When Telemachus slid him the pork..." And that was a university student!

Megan said...

Well, hello there. Good to see that you and your adventures are back Dr Nik

watching9987 said...

Sue - Hehe, a few people left some good ones on Facebook too, but none beat that one. It's genius!

Megan - Hi! I know, sorry it's been geet ages, I'll have to be stopping by your blog soon I think :)

DJ Kirkby said... did your student know testicles are hairy? Don't you teach young children?

日月神教-向左使 said...