Monday, 6 April 2009

Being In Geet Loads Of Places All At Once, Plus: Admiting, Once Again, To My Genius

Guess what I'm doing this week... Go on. Have a guess... I'll give you a clue:

It just might get me into your bedroom...

I know, but calm yourselves. It will be the metaphysical me that will be visiting, the (mostly) conscious part of my id that will be kicking about. My physical self will be on the settee. Drinking coffee. Wearing my dressing gown. Possibly sticking my tongue out at Disco Kettle.

For you see, I shall be being radio interviewed. By a real life DJ, for a real life show. Which (I think) goes out next Tuesday night here. I think that you can also listen live by pressing the big, and ever so subtle, On Air button above too... Maybe... Depends on how advanced my internetting skills have become.

I will be talking about me, I will be reading a few short extracts from my book (very short... It's broadcast before the watershed) and possibly a bit from my new (as yet unfinished) one. But I'm not sure if I'm ready for that... We'll see.

So, if you've nothing else on and fancy listening to me stutter and stammer my way through a conversation. If you want to hear some panicked silences as my brain seizes up. If you want to listen out for the whistling giggle of a Disco Kettle, then have a listen.

If all else fails there is music between my panicked silences so you can enjoy that instead.

Plus: Admitting My Genius Once Again...

Um... As has been pointed out once or twice by the observant reader I neglected to include where my International Signing was. Sorry. I am, truly, genius. I could of course waffle on, as I tend to do, splattering commas around the page, but that will simply distract me and I'll forget to tell anyone. Again.


My International Signing is Friday, 12pm at Borders Edinburgh. Scotland. (or, in true Hollywood style: Edinboro, Britain.)

So if you're about, or if you know someone up there in need of creepy and uncomfortable reading...


SueG said...

Great that you're doing the interview. It's terrific fun. Try to get a downloaded copy that you could post it though, so that we can hear it if we're out of earshot at that time. Thanks!

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