Thursday, 30 April 2009

Of Better Reviews And A Little Bit Of A Tease

My Googlebot spy has found a couple of reviews this last week or so. It's a clever little device what my most mint mentor mentioned. It used to search for "9987".

That was not always successful.

Often it brought back phone numbers of Arizona based real estate firms. Occasionally serial numbers of Japanese eletrofunk albums. Once it revealed that this was how many tonnes of waste produced by a collective of French farms. All very interesting stuff.

But did little to feed my ego. Especially the wastage one.

So now it just searches for "Nik Jones". Egotastic I know. In fact, simply by posting this post it's possilbe the Googlebot will post an email directing me to this post.

Anyway, the Googlebot returned two nice new reviews. In fact two very nice reviews I reckon. Two reviews that talk about 'pacing' and 'structure' and make me sound like I knew what I was doing.

Go have  a look, they're just over there to the right... Go on... Click it, you'll love it. 

Plus: A Little Bit of a Tease.

Now, I had asked the most shameless of Kettles, El Disco himself to perform a bit of a tease for this section. Swing his flex about the place, maybe wiggle his button, but alas, he is too cowardly. So I'll do it instead...

You ready?

No? Thought not.

Well, I'll try it this way instead then:

I know something you don't know, and it is proper mint, how...


B said...

honestly. i don't know why i go to the bother of telling you about reviews. don't you reeeeaaaad your comments? there is another one linked in the post below, and the promise of another. (and, i should really get round to it myself, shouldn't i?! ooopsies...)

whaddaya know???? whaddaya know????? g'wan, spill........

DJ Kirkby said...

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh and Debs has reviewed you here:

Vix said...

Is this thing you know something that I know? Coz I can imagine what it might be, but am not sure. Tellll meeeeeeeee!!! or il poke you with sticks.

watching9987 said...

Wuhahahahahahaaa! Oh the power! I'm feeling, how you say? Smug as - like.

And cheers kids, I'd spotted the reviews, I do need to swing by the shed though and say thanks I thinks.

And Vix... Pokey sticks eh? Good job you already know :) x

B said...

ha-HA! now i can twist vix's arm to find out!

*slinks off laughing an evil laugh*