Monday, 23 June 2008

Birthing Pains

My manuscript came back.

This was a big deal. A really big deal.

As much as I enjoyed Caroline's book, as impressed as I was, it still scares me that she is passing comment on what I need to do to 9987. But, I've read her stuff, I have faith.

She knows what she's talking about - This is the moment of truth.

I decided before I even opened the email that I'd do what I was told. Unless some major, fundemental alterations were needed, I would be willing to tweak, to delete, to add to...


I opened the email.

I'm amazed.

My grammar is crap. I know this, although, as an English teacher it is hugely embarrassing, but otherwise it's all about consistency.

My work a day inability to manage time has crept into my prose. My incredible talent for never knowing what day it is, what the date is, and how long things take has made for a few irritating mistakes.

The story opens in autumn.

Then it's Winter.

Then Summer.

Then Autumn again.

All in the space of three weeks...

Briefly I consider blaming Global Warming.

These are minor problems. On the whole I feel relief. Positive comments make me feel all warm inside. I'm proud of my baby.

The only major reworking is the opening chapter. I can't argue with this. It's how most people decide on their purchase. Caroline even talks about it in her blog - Cover, the look, the feel - a very tactile passtime reading, that wonderful feeling of a fresh book. The sadistic thrill you get from breaking it's spine. The smile you give the shop assistant when you cast it aside.

It's all about the opening pages.

Mine aren't quite up to scratch. Can't argue with that. The very first paragraph, the conception of this dirty little love child - it must be spot on. Or it wont make many friends.


Enough of this.

There is work to be done.

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