Saturday, 28 June 2008

Unfavourable Comparisons

At some point last week (this is the best I can manage - days tend to roll together) I was asked to compare myself with other writers.

"Where do I see my book on the shelves? Who will it be alongside? In what section will it live?"

I hadn't really considered this. Shocking I know, because so far I've been so well prepared for all the twists and turns getting published has thrown at me...

Anyway, I felt sort of dirty comparing myself to other writers. First time novelist - how arrogant do I sound naming authors I think I compare to?

Can I claim that I am comparable to Iain Banks? Or Chuck Palahniuk? Or Bret Easton Ellis? The style is similar. But the quality?

Could it sit along 'The Wasp Factory'?

Could it be neighbours with 'Fight Club'?

Would it get on with 'American Psycho'?

As always, it seems, I wimp out.

I name names because I was asked, and because I suppose that's where the book would sit. At least for a while before they can make space on the Clearance Table.

But mainly I talk about Film Posters.

I mention Saul Bass and ask nicely for a possible riff on the North By Northwest poster. The one with the boxes, not with the plane. But less busy - dark background, urban colours.
A single silhouette in the centre.
I am told that Saul Bass is unlikely to be available. Largely because he's dead. Otherwise I'm sure he'd be game for designing my cover.
Anyway. I just have to wait and see now. The designers are designing.
A skin for my baby.

Hopefully puberty will be kind - No one ever fancies the spotty kids do they?


Megan said...

Congratulations and very good luck to you!
I love your cover vision
- megan

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi. Congrats on getting such a great mentor. Love your concept of the book cover being a skin for your baby.

watching9987 said...

Thank you both very much. I just th cover turns out ok - it's scary not having much control...