Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hey Everybody, Hey Dr Nik - Step One

My name offers two potential jokes to friends and family.

1. Nik (and because I'm bearded and inept) as in Dr Nick from the Simpsons.
2. Jones (and because I really, really want a fedora hat) as in Dr Indy Jones - Yes I know, his real name's Henry, but still.

Now for these jokes to be truly successful I need a better Prefix. Mr is OK. It's fine, really. No offense to all those Misters out there. But I want something more. Because, for these jokes to be really, truly successful. For me to really get the most of my name, what i really need. Is A Doctorate.

Oh yes. Dr Jones.

Of course, I could just buy one. I realize that. And it's not as if I'd ever really use it, so it's an option.

But if a joke is worth doing, it's worth working hard for.  

So that's what I'm doing.

I'm doing my MA.

Then I'm going for a PhD.

Then I'm buying a cape.

And a Fedora. Obviously.

Jokes aside though this can only be a good thing. It's a Creative Writing MA. It is impetus to write. It is pressure to write.

It is an excuse to write.

I. Need. This.

Already I've got my first mini asignment done. Comes in at a nice, neat 500 ish words. In script form. It's a description.


I'm trying new things.

Impressed much?

Thought so. It's proper mint, how.

Sooooooo. This means new work of Disco Kettle - I've descaled him. This means a new role for my Magic Writing Dressing Gown - I've washed it.

This means new and exciting ways to avoid marking - so i've left it all at home.

S'gonna be fun, like. 


B said...

Can you actually get a doctorate in creative writing? I have no idea.

Also, you do realise that everyone would be able to sing that Aqua song to you, Calling Dr Jones? Doesn't that put you straight back off the idea again?

(I realise that I just lost ALL my metal/indie/rock credibility by remembering that song. Ah well, I always knew it couldn't last forever....)

watching9987 said...

I'd love to claim that you were the first to point that out to me. But someone suggested that - and tried to sing it - over the weekend...

And yes, apparently you can be a Doctor of Scribbling...

Pretty cool no?

Megan said...

Fabulous! I am coming to the end of my writing MA but have LOVED it - where are you studying?

watching9987 said...

Teeside Uni - Middlesborough. They think I'm deprived so I've got a grant. How cool is that?

Megan said...

even better, enjoy it Nic

DJ Kirkby said...

Impressive! Imagine what you could accomplish if you ever found some spare time...

Scott Pack said...

The name Scott Pack has been a source of no end of amusement and punning for family and friends since I can remember.

Juliette M said...

I have a Masters in Creative Writing, and although I find it rather useless in the grand scheme of things when it comes to job hunting and the like, I want to lecture eventually so it is a good step on the road to an Elmer (my term for a PhD - say it out loud as a word rather than letters and you'll see what I mean)

I had to pop in and say I love your blog (especially Disco Kettle) and now I feel I should christen my own DK. Or I suspect, with my musical tastes, that he should be a Goth Kettle.

He already has a lid piercing, y'know. Rebellious little bugger.

Good luck with the MA - I really enjoyed mine.