Monday, 6 October 2008

Of Getting Nothing Done

So... What? Three weeks into the school year and how many words completed? Oh yes. That's right. About none.

It's tough this. I really try. I really do. I spend break times and quiet parts of lessons mentally jotting down sentences I like, paragraphs that work, chapters that thrill.

But nothing gets done.

Perhaps thats why I'm so desperate to get fired - Too scared to quit, too terrified of committing myself.


Or not. I love the job, love the kids. Hate, HATE, The marking. 

Ah well. All those scribbled notes in my planner. All those passages etched into my skull from so much refining, so much questioning, so many tried and rejected alternatives. All will be so useful come half term. I'm aiming for 5,000 words over the week. Quite modest I think, but I need it. It will keep me from going a touch mentalist.


Back to pretending to mark...


DJ Kirkby said...

Keep jotting those notes and during half term you can introduce them to each other in your new novel! While I work! Jealous, me?

Caroline said...




KatW said...

After reading your last post....are you sure 5,000 words are enough to keep you from going mentalist??? LOL :-) On a more serious note, it is hard trying to work and write BUT considering you have a book being published already, I'm thinking you are doing well! Just keep scribbling those notes and write when you can. One day when your book signings and tv shows get too much - you can just visit your school as a favour rather than a teacher!
Kat :-)

Megan said...

Have you re-read yet? Will you be re-reading before returning to your novel? If so, perhaps you should try to squeeze that in beforehand or you might spend all week editing (though this may just reflect me and my terrible new habit of going over things and over things till my head falls off)
M x

Lady in red said...

Could your silence mean that you have been writing again.

I keep meaning to do some serious writing but never do.

watching9987 said...

DJ - I know, again, I don't expect sympathy, come the holiday I'll be grinning lots and writing furiously I'm sure.

Caroline - Yes boss, I'm on it, honest x

Kat - Thank you, I stopped by your new school cluster blog the other day and meant to comment on how good it's looking. SO, It's looking really good...

Megan - I know there is some bits i want fluffing up a bit more and i'll do them first, but mainly i'm just trying to decide on exactly where i want the story to go.

LiR - I'm going to lie to you and say: Yes. :)