Sunday, 19 October 2008

Juggling Without Monkeys, Plus Disco Kettle Packs His Bags

Me and my brother have a dream.

It is  glorious dream.

An ambitious dream.

It is a dream that cold change the world (or at least the service industry)

It is a dream the RSPCA are unlikely to share.

We dream of Monkeys.

Waiter Monkeys. 

Waiter Monkeys who Juggle.

We'd make a Mint.

But more importantly it would help me out. Cos I'm not much of a juggler. I juggle three ok. As long as the stuff isn't breakable obviously.

See, problem is is that maybe. Maybe. I took on too much.

Firstly I'm still working. Suprising I know - people haven't discovered me as yet. Secondly there is the MA, which is fun - but still, it's a lot of work. It is, horribly, more important to me than work.

Lastly there are new and exciting developments in my personal life. This takes up a lot of my time. And I'm not complaing, really I'm not. It is, in fact, priority number one. It's proper mint, how.

And yeah, I know. I said I could juggle three. I remember, it was only a few lines ago. But, see, problem is - they're all breakable aren't they?

I could cope with working breaking - but it would bugger up two and three wouldn't it?


Me and my brother have a dream.

We dream of Juggling Monkeys. And they could teach us so much.


Disco Kettle Packs His Bags

Me and DK got ourselves a new place.

Oh yes, I'll let you know when we can afford the heating to have a warming... see what I did there?


Cassandra said...

You might just get along with Rob at very very well!

Caroline said...

Where you going? You leaving us? sob!

And the monkey thing - Gary shares your dream.


B said...

Does the personal life development know that you're running off with DK?!?!?!?

I owe you a rec, too - soon. Honest.

Am I invited when you get the heating on?!

Megan said...

But just think of your banana bills!

Enjoy it all, try to grab some sleep around the edges

megan x

Anonymous said...

please note.. im not in any way condoning the daily mail

and i have to remain anonymous as ive forgotten all of my identities.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ahem...writing? I didn't see writing listed as something which takes up your time? It still does, eh? Oh and congrats on the personal life developments.

watching9987 said...

Cass - I've stoppped by quickley - I tihnk it deserves a proper look though - nice suggestion.

Caroline - doesn't everyone share my dream? And don't worry - I'm not going far. In fact I'll be only be three, count'em, three doors away from the pub.

b - Shhhhh, my love for DK must remain a secret... and yes, provided you bring some warming beverage you are more than welcome :)

megan - sleep eh? yes... I've heard people mentioning it...

anon - shocking, truely shocking that you can't remember who you are (shakes head). Can't say i'm suprosed though...

DJ - Writing, yeah... bit difficult to squeeze that in too. Luckily the MA gives me the excuse I need to keep at it. By the way, it's been geet ages since I WOrdless Wednesdayed. I am sorry.

Vix said...

I remembered who I am! I am Genius. Much better than I am Legend. Who in all actualilty smells of feet.
am liking the idea of you suprosed tho...