Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Announcing the Winners of the Kick Ass Cool Lesbian Nurses Competition.

Ok, so, finally the results are in. It took the Judges a lot of arguing, a little bit of violence and quite a bit of my wine but, at last, the decision has been made.

It was tough, really really it was. I had so many really good entries that, later - after the winners have had time to bask in their glory - I'm going to post a few of them for the world to enjoy, and see the problem facing the judges.

So, without too much more preamble and no more vague attempts to build any tension:

The Winners of the Kick Ass Cool Lesbian Nurses Competition!

"He was rude. I watched him push past others, heading for the pornography section. He probably used the oil in his hair for lube. Bastard."  - Jamieson Wolf 

The judges loved 'how much we hated this man', which is an odd comment to make about a winner I'll grant you, but hey - I had nowt to do with it. Personally I loved this one and it was one that caught my eye straight away. More than anything it was Jamieson's final, damning verdict that I enjoyed most.

"She entered with her own soundtrack. Her bouncy stride and fluid hair moving to the rhythm of a private theme tune, her finale a disarming smile." - Kat Wright

One judge commented on how much they loved the image of the 'fluid hair' another on 'entering with her own soundtrack'. I have to admit I too loved that idea, the movement as music, was geet mint, like.

"She's red-haired, red-faced and breathless. Not single – she’s with a list. Shame about the scar across her cheek. It looks like a zip" Rachel Green

The final judge had the final say on this one "I love the 'zip' bit, it's minging, it's such a cool and cruel description!" And yeah, well, can't argue with that either. 

So, congratulations ladies and gentleman, a signed copy is winging it's way to you as we speak, I hope it's worth the effort.

Because here were so many great ones though, I thought I'd include some of the ones so close to getting freebies. So, no books I'm afraid, but much love and respect, yo.

"Inside, she’s Grace Kelly. Cheekbones. Glassy tones. Tulle petticoats . . . Outside, Alan’s bearded, bellied, sweaty-palmed. Rents ‘Rambo’ for the thousandth time – wishes nonetheless."

Megan Taylor - loved the closet transvestite, made me giggle a tiny bit...

"A fan of Ghibli long before Howl’s, she eases rainy Tuesdays with double feature Hitchcock, eyebrow arching as the grimy polyester carpet snags her stiletto. "

 Judith Robson - not just because I, too, am a fan of Ghibli, but mainly for that final "eyebrow arching, snags her stiletto" bit. Loved that image.


Megan said...

Oooh, they're great - especially loved Rachel's zip and Jamieson's slick style (-;
Are you going to have to write some extra chapters now?

Jamieson Wolf said...


Oh, I'm all over excited. Thank Nik and esteemed Judges (bows). I'm posting about this right away. :)


Leatherdykeuk said...

How fabulous!
I honestly don't know you you managed to narrow it down to three, but I'm ecstatic I was one of them!

KatW said...

I won, I won, I won!!!! (grin plastered to my face.)Sorry about my lack of reserve & modesty but I'm soooooo excited :-)

Can't wait to read my prize.

Oh I'm in a big grin mood now!

Thank you :-)

Kat :-)

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