Monday, 19 January 2009

Suddenly Deciding That This Isn't The Most Important Thing In The World. Plus: Teething DK Issues

Strange old morning this.

Seems... I dunno... Disjointed? Is that the word I'm grasping for here? It's almost like a Stand-alone Day. As if today is thoroughly unconnected from the rest of time, from life in general.

I don't think I mean this in a day of Momentous Importance type thing, rather as a Day of No Particular Relevance Except That It Arrived, And That It Rained. And That It Was A Day I Took Seriously.

Maybe that's the confusion. I'm not used to taking things seriously. Or, at least, I'm not used to admitting that I am.

It's all very strange.

See, as you (most likely) know 9987, my baby, hits the shelves. Somewhere, I hope, a book shop has opened this morning and it had my book on a shelf. And I'd been planning balloons and parties and fanfares and celebrity appearances and everything. Today's post was going to be mint, properly, massively, kick ass cool. How.

But I dunno.

Maybe, it's because it's raining. Maybe it's because it's a Monday. Maybe because I'm yet to see the book anywhere.

It's not as real as I thought it would be.

Other things are on my mind.

All I've thought about since I was in Primary school, my only, ever, ambition is realised today. I can now, properly, introduce myself as a Writer. Today is a wonderful, drizzling, fog wrapped day.

And I am proud of myself. Which is rare. And it's a good feeling.

But: Other things are on my mind.

I am worried a little, about someone. And, as awful as it sounds, the fact that I am worried is a wonderful thing.

It appears that my priorities may have shifted a little bit.

I love writing, I will always write, even if nothing of mine is ever read by anyone but me I'll continue to scribble notes and sit up late with coffee and keyboard typing and typing and typing.

But, it appears, it may no longer be The Most Important Thing In The World.

It is quite possible that there is something else I am equally passionate about.

It is quite possible that there is something else that I want to give my time to.

It appears that I am taking things seriously. I am, or at least I like to now think of myself - as of today - A Serious Writer. An Actual Writer. And, equally exciting I think, and certainly warranting it's inclusion in this rambling - Not Quite The Launching Post I Expected To Write - post, I am suddenly realising how serious I am about other things.

And it's a little bit scary. And it makes my stomach go all fluffy and odd. And it makes me smile occasionally when no-ones looking. And, this morning, I worry a bit, and hope things will turn out ok, eventually.

Good luck to my baby, but my thoughts are with others. And that, I reckon, is Proper Mint. How.

Plus: Teething DK Issues

Although DK is up and ready for his debut feature, I'm having some problems transferring footage to legage to eyeballage which would, of course, enable you to see.

If you catch my drift...

But it's coming. Honest.

Oh, and before I forget.

Competition results will be announced - hopefully, tonight. The judges were locked still in debate late last night and haven't, as yet, passed on any winners to me. I suspect though, that they have drank all my wine...


Caroline said...

Dearest published author,
I am very proud of you and of 9987. And eldest says you wear cool t-shirts and he's sulking that he isn't coming to your launch.
Wishing you happy things.

B said...


next time i go past a bookshop i'll go in and see if you're there!


Vix said...

fluffy eh? *mwah* you better have thoroughly enjoyed your big day. or ill poke you with sticks. xxx