Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Lazy Sunday (Sorry DJ, but I didn't name it... I mean, I named the post, but not the event. Which, obviously, is Lazy Sunday)

Ah long waffling titles. Always fun. I like a title you could use to beat people with, and that one would be quite heavy I reckon, and sharp too with all those commas and parenthesises.

Anyway, the Event.

Note: Not MY Event. The Event. Cos it's not just me. Oh no. It's a foursome. So to speak. I mean, you know, they're all very attractive types but I don't think my PR guru would approve. Besides it would all be a bit public. And probly enough to put you off your Starbucks...

(one seamless link later...)

Starbucks, Borders Team Valley: Lazy Sunday.

"Tonto's Lazy Sunday
1:00 pm, Sun 29th March 2009

The fantastic four of Sarah Shaw, Roz Wyllie, Stephen Shieber and Nik Jones- otherwise known as the Tonto Press stable of fiction authors- will be in-store at Gateshead signing books and talking about their experiences as new authors. Come and join them for a coffee in Starbucks, pull up and seat and enjoy a lazy Sunday of an event."

I am, obviously, loving the "fantastic four" bit - I reckon I'd be a good human torch... Well, no actually, I think the Invisible Girl would be better for me actually, but I'm being positive and confident. As long as I'm not The Thing then I'll be happy...

So. Fancy a coffee and cake? Bit of a chat? Want to laugh at me having been up all night watching the Grand Prix?

C'mon... You know you want too...


Megan said...

Wish I could- have loads of fun

DJ Kirkby said...

Would like to but I will be away with my magnificent man all weekend, la!

B said...

ah, fuckedy fuckedy fuck. err, scuse my french. i don't think i can make it. will do if i possibly can... but it's our last day before we're back to work and i have tons to do, and loads of work, and stories coming out my ears and it's driving me mad that i'm back to 8.25 hour days from monday and haven't used my leave more productively :(