Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Muchos Rock and Roll Wetherspoons Book Signing - Beer and Books. How Mint Is Me?

So, another book thingyjabob...

Back in the saddle after the Sunda Apathy session, and - to an extent - back on home turf.

The pub.

Yup. That's right.

I admit, it's odd. Yes - the opportunities for disaster are huuuuuuuuuje. But, ya knaa, at least this time if it goes wrong I can have a pint.

So, if anyone fancies buying a book/having one signed/buying me a pint/having me sign a pint and happen to be in the area:

Wetherspoons, Consett, CO. Durham.

6 - 8pm on the 1st April.

And no... It's not a joke.


B said...

no seriously you cannot announce THE DAY BEFORE that you're doing an event. and on a WEEKNIGHT!

i probs couldn't have made it anyway, but c'mon, give us a chance here?

yes, i'm whining. *pulls tongue*


DJ Kirkby said...

Enjoy! I think your signing will be very popular, hope you sell loads tonight.

Debs said...

I'd love to be there. Hope it all goes well and you have a brilliant time.