Monday, 16 March 2009

In Which I Originally Forget To Title My Post

Monday again, this I'm sure you know.

But fear not oh you peeps you - I'm down with the kids me... Very hip. Daddio - I'm not having a Monday morning whinge today.

For reasons that make-a no sense I'm in a stranglely positive mood today. Maybe it's simply time the pendulous weighting of mood lifted, maybe my head juices are simply acknowledging it's about time they squeltched. I dunno. And I don't care. I'm just going with it.

Course, I say that, but I've been running through the weekend trying to pin point a reason for this. But I can't. I know there doesn't have to be one, my moods do this, a week or so waaaaaaaaaaaay down there then a climb then a few days, like now, where I am, truely and indisputably, mint. How. And, possibly, a little commacrazy...


I've been writing. Sort of. Which could account for my mood. Not proper writing you understand, more writing about my writing type stuff. Another Uni assignment due in, more thoughts on my ability, or not, to scribble down a series of mostly cohertent sentences.

And I did it wearing my Magic Dressing Gown and with Disco Kettle Fzzzting nicely nearby. And, best of all, the lovely Vix Fzzzting just as nicely on the settee next to me.

I've discovered that this writing about writing thing, other than being a bit self indulgent and slightly dirty feeling, is actually helping me to focus.

I had to write a quick (200 word quick) synopsis of My New Novel. Which wa sa bit of a bastard actually. But. Having done that (ish) I've discovered a few things I hadn't realized.

Firstly it appears that I have at least two stroylines wrapping themselve about each other and doing the naughties between chapters. This is.. well... It's a bit unexpected, but I'll go with it, see where they end up.

Secondly it is also becoming apparent that I seem to be dealing with contempory issues (sort of) rather than dealing in cheap sex jokes and twistedness. Which makes an interesting change. And I'm not sure how to deal with it now, except to ignore it, continue on with writing it the way I was and to see how it comes out. See if the colour runs in the wash.

Lastly and most bizarrely it appears that the main character in my crime novel is stil not, actually, doing any investigating... Now I know what you're thinking. 30,000 words in and he's spoken one line, and investigated... well... nowt. This is a bad thing.

But I'm not so sure...

We'll see.

Anyway. Classes arrving, coffee alarm is ringing and at some point I need to plan todays lessons...


DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooh so much interesting info in this post. Like the 'commacrazy'! I want to read what you are writing and I want to read it now! Vixs...tell him!

Vix said...

nik. consider urself told on behalf of dj. Also.. if you continue to surf the waves of moodness alone, im gonna start poking you with sticks.