Monday, 2 March 2009

ReLaunchyness and The Spreading Of My Fame

Right, sorry, bit short notice this - but is anyone free on Tuesday (that's tomorrow, yes) and happen to be in the general North East area?

Only I'm getting Relaunched see.

Not that the last one wasn't wonderful, it was, as they say "most properly and prosperously mint, how".

I can only assume it was the blatent mintyness of the last one which has so inspired this.

Borders Team Valley is hosting a Murder March month, a month celebrating crime writing. Not a month encouraging killing sprees, at least, not as far as I know. I'm not saying there may not be an alternative message which could run through procedings, but for my part, I'll be concentrating on the fiction.

Oh, and the wine. Which has been promised me. Stu. Wine. You promised...

Anyway, the Relaunch:

Borders love me soooooo much they want me to come and launch 9987 all over again, with my geet talented actor, and wine, and coffee in the Team Valley store. Tomorrow. If you fancy it.

Tonight Borders plays host to "Shelia Quigley and to Bykerbooks, a local publisher who are set to release the second RADGEPACKETS collection of short stories in February. Including stories by Roz Southey, Ray Banks, Danny King, Darrell Irving and of course Sheila herself."

And tomrrow:

"The second Murder March night will be devoted to the launch of Nik Jones' fantastic debut novel 9987, as well as Sandra Rowell's Orange-nominated novella MICHAEL. Nik and Sandra, both local authors, will be in-store signing copies of their books as well as talking about their experiences as new crime authors."

See that? Pretty cool eh?

I'm afraid I won't be able to bring DK though. The event is in the Starbucks you see... I don't think he'd cope withthe pressure. Besides, we had a nasty and fairly messy 'incident' with a self heating Nescafe can the other day... It's not safe for him to be out and about at the moment....


Vix said...

self heating nescafe? really? after the rocketfuel incident?

p.s. i have footage of D.K. im willing to sell to the highest bidder...

Megan said...

Brilliant - have lots of fun Nik

B said...

I'll be there....

(and driving so not even because of the wine!)