Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My Dressing Gown Has Magical Powers


First day of the school hols. I'm not at work, either here, or at the pub. Finally I have run out of excuses.

It is time to write.

I mean, you know, write properly. I find it tough just picking away at hundred words or so a day. I know it works for plenty others. But I find it hard to get into the flow, I keep forgetting what I've written or where I was going. But on holiday, I can write properly. I can write all day (then delete lots of it the day after, but still).

Early on I get potential distractions out the way: I put a wash in, do the washing up, hoover, shower, shave and set myself up ready to write.

Disco Kettle has 'binged'. Coffee steams. I have on suitably trippy music. I wear old comfy jeans and a cartoon t-shirt. I have just eaten four potato cakes slathered in butter.

Everything is ready.

So why can't I write?

I resist the temptation to delete the previous chapter. I am unhappy with a character - but I can sort that later. I feel it is important not to go backwards at this stage. I run back through my checklist of Stuff I Need To Write. Something is missing, but I'm not sure what.

I take some advice recently posted on Megan Taylor's blog, I go for a quick walk. I read (a random selection of poetry). I bang my head against the wall (not recommended by Megan. Or Doctors.)

And then it hits me.

Well, two things hit me, first the wall, obviously, then the problem.

I realised What Was Missing.

I set Disco Kettle to the boil while I hunted through my wardrobe.

By the time Disco Kettle 'bung' (past tense of 'Bing'? 'Binged' sounds wrong...) I was stood, in the doorway, hand heroically positioned on hips, light steaming out from behind me. In proper superhero mode a breeze rustled by, my dressing gown flapping behind me like a cape.

My Dressing Gown Has Magical Powers.

Today I have written just over 1,000 words. And eaten another two potato cakes.

I love the summer.
I love potato cakes and coffee.
I love Disco Kettle.
I love my Magic Dressing Gown.


Caroline said...

I have 'writing clothes' that I wear when I write. I HAVE to wear them to write!
They are (currently) slouch jeans and a range of Threadless t-shirts and my sheep slippers that go baaaaaa. If I don't wear them, then my powers are broken. AND I would never ever never wear them in public, mainly cos I look stooo-pid.


B said...

That's what I need! A magic dressing gown! If only I'd known earlier. Still, better late than never eh?

Cas, your sheep slippers go baaaa? This I have to see! :)

watching9987 said...

Cas - Like you I daren't wear my tatty, slightly torn dressing gown out the house for fear of looking like a tit. But if enough of us tke a stand, if we unite against the forces of basic dress sense and choose magic and comfort and slippers with sound effects, if we march out together couldn't we make the world a better place?

b - My magic dressing gown is flannel, towelling gets too warm, just a suggestion while you browse

Megan said...

please can I borrow it?
A potato cake would be quite nice too.

DJ Kirkby said...

I have certain writing rituals too. Never tried a dressing gown though...well done for writing so many words...I am sooooo jealous that you can indulge in all this writing time....soooo jealous....

KatW said...

Nik you are a lucky man - with DK and the magical gown you are bound to be a publishing success!

Any chance of a photo of you in gown with DK dancing? Go on! Please!

Kat :-)