Monday, 28 July 2008

No Bing For Disco Kettle, Plus: How Good Is Complicated, Really?


DK: Sigh...

(the sound of fingers frantically tapping at a keyboard, a bird flaps past the open patio door, next door's dog barks)

DK: Ahem, sigh...

(tapping fingers pause, but only for a moment, knuckles crack)

DK Siiiiiigggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Sigh!

(tapping fingers stop, an empty cup drops onto a coaster)

Me: Problems DK?

DK: Fzt

Me: Come on, whats the matter?

DK: Fzszt

Me: How's the new book coming on? (Ironing Board Massacre)

DK: Fzsztstszt. Fzt!

(Magic Dressing Gown billows in the breeze.)

Me: No you can't borrow the Dressing Gown. Because it's mine thats why, I need it.


Me: Now hey! There is no need for that sort of language. I've almost done my thousand words words, you can borrow it after, but don't spill anything on it this time.


Me: Now, in the mean time....

(empty cup rattles on coaster)

One Bing Later...

(clacky clackedy typy type typededy)

DK: ... Sigh ...

Plus: How Good Is Complicated, Really?

So far so good. Six thousand words since Wednesday. I'm pretty chuffed with that. It's not all good, I've already highlighted bits I'll want to look over later, but for now I'm just rolling on. Get the first draft done, everything else can follow later.

One slight concern is how complicated the plot is becoming.

It seems to have taken on a life of it's own.

9987 did that too, but it was a simpler story. This started out complicated and is getting worse.

So, obviously, I have a list of questions:

I have one main character and three secondary ones - although one of those doesn't appear until the middle. Is that enough?

The main character has three different plot strands, all moving alongside each other, plus one each for each of the secondary characters. Too many?

How can I get highlighter out of cotton?

Can you still buy Rocket Fuel Coffee, the stuff in a red jar? It seems to have disappeared from all my local shops...


KatW said...

Well done on writing so many words. I seem to be having the slowest (two fingered typed) fortnight this year!

How many characters? - in my humble opinion it is better to have one strong main character and three minors that work, than twenty wishy-washy and confusing characters who don't hold your attention. So in short - yes that can be enough characters.

Plot strands??? - from my (again limited) experience - best to include as many plot strands as you can masterfully handle and that the story can support. Cryptic answer? Sorry! But hope you get what I'm trying to say.

Highlighter out of cotton???? - why bother? - a few pen and highlighter marks will make you look industrious and maybe if you're really marked: creative genius like. Especially if you accidently on purpose wear your magic gown down the shops (with added pens behind ears and paper stuck to the sole of your ink stained slippers)..............................of course it may not do your teacher credibility much good but hey-ho.

Enough comments. Ok will go. Say hi to DK.

Kat :-)

watching9987 said...

'Masterfully handle' eh? That'll be just the one then. Could I 'stumble through' some minor ones too do y'think?

And yes. I like the eccentric writer look, I'm going to do that - i did actually get half way up the up thestreet the other day before realising I was still wearing my Magic Dressing Gown.
And don't worry about my teacher credibility, it'd struggle to do much more damage to it I think.

DK says 'Fzzt'