Sunday, 20 July 2008

Twiddling My Thumbs, Listening to Disco Kettle 'Bing'

Well thats it then.

It's gone (and I use the term "it's" expertly since I have just searched through my entire ms checking I've used it right. Although many thanks you Caroline, you seem to have done most of them yourself)

Packed its bags (please note I'm not using "it's" to suggest possession there.)


Gone off to Tonto Towers.

So now what do I do?

I have listened to the endless "bing"s of Disco Kettle. I have had too much coffee. My fingers are shaking. My thumbs they do twiddle so.

I have, of course, written a list. A list of questions.
Being the genius that I am I have no answers...

1. Did I make absolutley sure that I sorted out whether or not my narrator was wearing a hat in chapters forty through forty five?
2. Do my acknowledgements sound a bit cheesy?
3. Does my Dedication do people justice?
4. Do I have enough money left to go and have a pint?
5. What becomes of Caroline and me now? Am I no longer half of her mint? Am I to be cast adrift? How will I cope? Will she keep me if I dress up as a Lesbian Nurse and dye my hair blonde?
6. How long does a four pound chicken take to roast?
7. Why is there a note in my pocket which reads simply: "cupboard"?


I was tagged by DJ but I haven't had time to think it about it yet. So Ssshhh, don't tell anyone I've not done the meme yet. It'll be in by next lesson, I swear.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hurrah! You are done! Do you feel empty now? Start your next book, you've got nothing else to do all summer do you? 'Lesson plans'? *snicker* Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever...

Stephen said...

Yeah, go on Nik - write your next novel in six weeks. Everyone knows that teachers get too much time off, that they never have to do any work in!
Looking forward to meeting you at the launch!

Caroline said...

I am proud of you and your ability to use its and it's. So proud. I now have a tear in my eye, sob


I turn my attention to number 5.

What becomes of Caroline and me now?
We *heart* each other for ever more.

Am I no longer half of her mint?
You will be part of my mint always and for ever more. I *heart* my mentees very very much.

Am I to be cast adrift?
Never. I would miss you too much.

How will I cope?
You can send me at least 647458 emails a day and then I will stop sobbing/missing you, muchly.

Will she keep me if I dress up as a Lesbian Nurse and dye my hair blonde?
God, yes! Do it.

And Nik, do remember: A mentee is for life, not just for Christmas.

ps - love to Disco Kettle.


watching9987 said...

dj and stephen - (sorry to lump you togethr, but I'm lazy and already in holiday mode) 6 weeks?I could write two. Dead easy. And you're right. Lesson plans? I've got one written I recycle over and over...

Caroline - Yeah, I get to stay part of the gang. I'm going to get a leather jacket made up with a Trebour Extra Strong Mint on the back (cos I'm manly). Then I'll put my nurses uniform on...