Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Waiting Game - It's not that exciting.

It's been years! Why can't my baby leave home NOW?

It's not ready yet - you haven't even finished the final draft.

Well? So what? There's nowt like independance to form a bit of personality!

Yes, but Caroline hasn't seen the finished product yet has she? Get off your ass and finish it. It's still full of bizarrely placed commas and horrible, rambling sentences. She wants what best for it.

I don't care. I want it gone.

Plus the cover isn't ready yet, we've not even seen that -

So? Let it run wild and free! Let it's commas dangle, it's semi colons bounce!

Thats just stupid.

Screw you!

Get stuffed!

(Car is pulled over. Stern parent - the higher self maybe - at the wheel.)

He started it.

Yes, I know. In that time I could have been polishing the final draft. But I was waiting for the kettle to boil. And had to put a wash in. And had to pile up the marking I won't be doing later, on the desk I'll be avoiding all night.

(Kettle says 'Bing'. Yes, 'Bing'. It's says 'Fffzzzzttt' first then 'Bing'. Really. It lights up too, all swirly and disco-y.)

I'll get back to work then.

I'm nearly done.



Jon M said...

Hi Nick, just popped over from Caroline's blog to say...hi Nick just popped over from...better stop. Just read that bit about marking and avoiding desks...you aren't me by any chance are you?

watching9987 said...

I don't know. I tried googling myself and you didn't come up But then again google isn't - yet - the ultimate authority in the universe.
It does come close though.

Megan said...

It's not your fault! If you have a disco kettle, no wonder you are distracted from your ms

KatW said...

Hi Nik - just been on Caroline's blog and thought I'd pay you a visit.

Like in your post - I get that type of argument going on in my head - is it a personality disorder, writer's disorder or just too much coffee and tea?????

I am jealous of your funky kettle! Sorry, I know envy isn't a nice thing. But I was just about to make myself a cuppa and I must use my cheap boring kettle. Although... it has now turned itself on three times. I was in a different room. No-one was in the kitchen. Possessed by demons or just a very clever kettle???

Kat :-)

watching9987 said...

Self boiling kettles must come close to disco kettles, demon possessed or not you're onto a winner there.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've gone over my ms so many times now that it has lost all meaning.

The worst thing is everytime I go over it it needs more work...

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, your posts do make me laugh! Erm...laugh 'with' you, I hasten to add, not at you!