Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I went to Roz and Stephen's book launch yesterday.

It was Mint.

I mean, obviously I expecting something good - Roz is already part Mint, like my self, but it was, overall, proper mint, how. So there.

Great little basement theatre setting with bar and barman I got to confuse and then befriend, we even swapped rum drinking advice.

But no, just, great - Becky Owens was a perfect choice, simple piano driven songs, really emotive and she did really well getting a gang of (reasonably) sober adults to make trumpeting noises. Great stuff.

Oh yeah, and there books and things. Plus another really good idea - having actors read perform sections of the two books. I liked that. Cos there is no way I'd be able to read my stuff out. I had to be dragged from the darkest corner I could find to talk to people... Honest.

Anyway, it got me thinking - What do I want for my launch?

I've already decided on lunch - that was Greggs... Hmmm Greggs. But now I'm thinking - Launch.

What to do what to do?

Tonto say I can have a go thinking up ideas, and they assure me we have plenty of time. But even so... I'm impatient...


I've set up a 'Bloglite' type thing and have put a link somewhere over on the right there.

I want some ideas. I want some suggestions. I want someone to volunteer to do things for me because impatience does not necessarily translate into energy. And I'm a very, very poor planner.

So, when you have a minute dive over and do something helpful :)

And once again, Roz, Stephen: Mint. Just, you know, Mint.


I met my Most Sage and Wise Mentor yesterday.

I was terrified - what if she didn't like me? What if this, finally, was the end of the mint. I was hiding and shaking a little little.

She was, is, lovely. I'm so pleased to stay part of the mint, so pleased to make a new friend.

Caroline you are proper lovely, how x


B said...

We didn't *drag* you. Just, y'know, persuaded you! Once you had confessed to really being you!

(and once you'd worked out who the hell i was)

watching9987 said...

Well - the photo on your blogger profile didn't help now did it. I was a little 'Rabbit in the head lights' mind, this is true...

Caroline said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaah pumpkin, I may even forgive you for hiding from me :)

I am suggesting that all future launches should be arranged by Roz(s). I reckon she's genius.


DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds fabulous. I wish I could have been there too, to see how a book launch goes. Must put that on my list of things to do really...I can't give you any suggestions for yours as I just have no idea what book launches are supposed to be like.

Roz Wyllie said...

Hey there

Glad you enjoyed it. I/We really wanted it to be an 'event' rather than just a normal, sometimes a little stuffy, book launch.

I was planning it before I even knew Tonto were publishing - fantasising about the next launch party is what's keeping me writing the next novel!!!

Also Stephen and I digged deep into our own pockets to hire the venue and all that little cast of colourful characters that entertained so well...we got some financial help from NWN too...BUT...ultimately we did it at our own cost coz we wanted to and it's not necessarily the best use of your cash!! BUT we figure that sending out the book in a happy convivial way is a lushly thing to so...

B said...

OMG Roz really? That is so amazing of you both. And it was so worthwhile. You throw a damned good party.

watching9987 said...

DJ - Don't worry, positive vibes will do :)

Roz - It was definitley an event. I mean it's the only launch I've ever been to, but it seemed pretty perfect.

I'm happy to spend a bit of cash on a venue I think - as long as it has a bar, I reckon I could find actors and musicians on the cheap, offer them food or something. A bottle of White Lightening. Does Beccy work for cake?

b - this is true. A damn good party. And they found the only Barman in the world who was confused by the phrase 'White rum and coke, please'.

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