Monday, 11 August 2008

T Shirts, The Future Of Shameless Self Promotion

Here's me.
Or at least part of me.
And here is my T-shirt.
I know full well that it is (slightly) pathetic and desperate to put your name on a T-shirt, but I don't care. I bought two of these, one for me, one for The Brother. My plan was for the two of us to wear them to work. (He works at the pub with me. In fact he is my boss, which he loves as he's the younger one and doesn't often get Power.)

But he said we weren't allowed.

We had to wear our Official Wetherspoons Dulliforms. So I was upset and a little relieved because wearing it in public was actually becoming more and more worrying. Besides wearing a t-shirt with my name on the back felt a little, well, crude I suppose. A bit up myself. I mean, I am a bit up my self, I was tempted to comment on the fact that the photo doesn't show off my wonderful bum, but again - that would be very arrogant of me wouldn't it? The point is is that I don't want everyone to know how arrogant I am. I have a bit of shy thing going on. For no particular reason.



Slightly relieved that I couldn't wear it to work I put my dressing gown and tried to write. But The Brother had other plans.

So we went to work early.

In our T shirts.

And pulled poses, like the one above - which is not at all a girlie pose, Caroline, it is,in fact, a super hero pose and one which Disco Kettle taught me. Although I will admit that he does it better than me - for an hour. Much to The Brother's delight I pulled my poses going redder and redder and redder.

But women did come up and stroke me. Which, of course, made me go a very deep scarlet colour.

So now you know, and, as a bonus, you can go and practice your own super hero poses. Which are in no way girlie.


Caroline said...

You are using your book writing skills to pull women! If I wasn't still giggling at your girlie pose, I'd be super impressed.


watching9987 said...

(Stamps his foot)
It's heroic, dammit, and yes, I was - It was so cool :)

Megan said...

but do you have matching socks and pants?

B said...

Not pathetic. It is cool :)

watching9987 said...

megan - No... But I realy do feel that I need them. Plus it'll give me an excuse to drop my trousers to passers by...

b - Thank you, I must admit I did sort of enjoy the attention. even if it scared me.

SpiralSkies said...

I think you should get used to the scared while wearing the T-shirt, progressing gradually to Fear in Pants (in Public). Pants with your name on are heroic but, trust me on this, you don't want to tremble while wearing them.

DJ Kirkby said...

I think you should sign one of the shirts and flog it on Ebay, but with DK wearing of course.

watching9987 said...

Spiral Skies - Hmmm, you may have a point, perhaps I could wear them on the outside of my trousers though, thus proving the pose to be a Superhero pose?

DJ - Thats not a bad plan at all, with DK modelling I could make millions...