Monday, 15 September 2008

(Note to Self) Reasons to Read and Not Bin Memos

As a highly trained and dedicated professional educator of today's youth, it is absolutely necessary to remain organised. To this end I have created my Very Own Filing System.

It really very simple and has the benefit of a natural Built In Streamline System which regularly alerts me to important items whilst less important, or worse - circular, memos are relegated to minor inconvenient characters...

It goes something like this:

1. I go to my pigeon hole and collect my post/memos/telephone messages etc.
2. I return to my room. Which, by the way, is in another building and a good five minute walk.
3. I pile it on my desk.
4. It stays there.

Now I know what you're thinking: That this is not a filing system. That it is, in fact, a pile. You are wrong.

See the beauty is in the simplicity of the system.

If something is important then eventually someone will come and find me and ask why I've not done something. So then I do it.

Otherwise, after a two week period I can safely assume that it's all rubbish, brush it from my desk and into the recycling and start a brand new pile.

Genius yes?

So far it's been spot on.

But something has been happening lately. Something underhand and sneaky.

Someone has been phrasing Memos thus:

Unless you provide a reason against us stealing your free periods to make you scrub the boys toilets using your own tie - which we have noticed you have not been wearing - we're going to do it.

Cunning eh?

Of course, this is where my filing system has broken down.

This week I have:

Missed an Exam invigilation.
Had a Drama Class arrive during my free period.
Failed to handout Letters from the Government.
Not attended a meeting with the Head of Year Eight.

I may have to develop a new system...


Send good vibes Caroline's way, she deserves them for being both lovely and, so far, Black Box-less. Hopefully tomorrow will see it all sorted. Much Love and Crossing of Fingers. 


B said...

Errrm. Not to be nasty or anything, but *how* do you still have a job? I would so be out on my ear by now.

did you pretend to the drama class that your shocked reaction to their arrival was a demonstration of some kind?

Also, you're missing the memos that may read thusly:
'such-and-such has recommended you for a prize, but we suspect you might be too shy to claim the ten grand at the awards ceremony. let us know if you're not mate? awwwoight.'
not sure why the memo writer turned cockney at the end.

so, anyway. yes. me very tired. just ignore me. *wanders off again*

Caroline said...

It's a good job that you're SUCH a fine writer.. how indeed are you not fired?

And - thanks honey. You are rather fabulous x

watching9987 said...

b and caroline - I think (hope) that as an actual teacher I'm pretty much ok. So (possibly) people overlook my inability to deal with any sort of paperwork... Or, are already plotting my downfall. One of the two... Oh, and B - Are memos mostly cockney?

Judi~Gmj said...

Memo; got here via Black Box. i will wait fore your respons at my blog sight, if you do not respond, then you said kitten instead of dog. I can spell and wright ok when I vant to. :)

B said...

actually, fair enough; i do remember some of my teachers were pretty ok, but terrible at the really real world. maybe that's it. me still thinks you are lucky though :)

B said...

and about the cockney memos - i really have no clue :)

Megan said...

Eat more cheese
Write more novel
It's the only way through,

Ken said...

Good luck keeping that job, lol

Caroline, Iwish you the best!

KatW said...

Mmm - Me's thinking that the reason you manage to keep your job (despite your pants filing system) is that your colleagues see you as a 'creative eccentric' and that they hope that when you are a famous author you will bequeath your fortune to the school. And that they will benefit from the kudos your fame will bring. Therefore it is in their best interests to keep you sweet and of course humour you. Oh and no doubt you are an inspiring teacher even if you fail in the admin side of things.

So that's my theory. What do you think?

Kat :-)

rashbre said...

There something slightly slack-tastic about your scheme.

I have a similar email scheme which can also have a special amendment for holiday periods.

The 'my disk failed, please resend anything really important' message after an extended break.

Similar challenges though around people who have studied assertive writing or assumptive closes.

Here via blackboxery.

Regards rashbre

Chris said...

Where the bloody hell are these Pidgeon Holes? Bowes alluded to them on several occassions in Yr11.

Secondly, I like the sound of your BISS filing system. Not very functionalist of you though, quite interpretivist I think...anyways, back to Giddens' theory of globalization...

watching9987 said...

Judi - thanks to the widget for stopping by, I've tried being directed to you through it but so far had no joy... Too much wine or Not enough?

b - I suspect (hope) that your right and i am simply terrible at the real world, govnur.

Megan - More Cheese and More Novel! I couldn't ever agree with a statement more than i agree with that!

Ken - cheers muchly :)

Katw - I like your thinking, but i suspect that the school would probly frown on this particular book. I'm actually secretly hoping for the local paper to run a hate campaign against me :)

Rashbre - for this, and your advice in my last post: I doff my cap, squire. With advice as sage as yours I might yet keep this job!

Chris - stop showing off and do your homework! (kids today)